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floor lamp

Floor lamps are versatile light sources that can bring light to dark areas of a room. There are several types of floor lamps, and you should decide what you need to use the lamp for before making a purchase. They come in a variety of designs and can be suited to any style of interior design.

In addition to their practical uses, floor lamps also add personality to a space. Interior designers suggest having fun with your lighting. You may want to have a tall lamp in a small space, or an arcing lamp that creates a soft glow. If you have a lot of light in your room, you should choose a floor lamp with adjustable options.

For smaller spaces, a Tiffany Thompson floor lamp is a great option. It has a marble base with a matte-anodized-aluminum shade. The lamp is from EQ3, a Canadian brand.

Many floor lamps are portable, and they can be moved from room to room. Some can be coupled with wall light switches and can operate on their own circuit. However, if you have a room that requires constant adjustment of light, you might want to go with a rotary switch.

Another type of floor lamp is a torchiere. This lamp has a rounded reflector that directs most of the light upwards. Because it has an upward-facing reflector, it does not take up as much space as a traditional floor lamp with a shade. But, it will not provide as much light as a downward-lighting lamp.

Other floor lamps feature shelves that allow you to store lightweight objects on the lamp. These lamps are perfect for rooms with limited space, as they can be placed next to a chair or in a corner of a room. Alternatively, you can place a floor lamp with a shelf over a desk or other table, and it will serve as a utility tray.

Floor lamps vary in design, but most are constructed of wood, metal, or stone. Some are made from fabric. Decorative options include drum shades and mushroom shades. Plastic shades are generally more practical, but glass shades can let the bulb shine.

If you have a large space, you may want to consider a floor lamp with a tall base. Tall lamps can be 6-8 feet in height. As with any tall piece of furniture, they can make your room feel larger. When choosing a floor lamp, ensure you have enough room for the lamp and the electrical cord. To protect the lamp, wrap it in bubble wrap and add padding if necessary.

A lamp with a foot switch is a convenient choice for a living room, as you can control the lamp by lifting the switch. Most floor lamps with rotary switches also offer two or three adjustable light levels.

If you have a room with a lot of light, you should choose a six-way floor lamp. These lamps are usually designed like candelabras, and offer multiple lightbulb sources inside one lampshade.