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furniture in the raw

While a piece of furniture in its raw form looks striking and beautiful, it may not be the best option for high-traffic areas like kitchen tables or surfaces that are exposed to moisture. In these situations, it’s often necessary to seal and protect wood furniture in order to keep it looking pristine. Luckily, finishing furniture isn’t rocket science and can be as easy or as complicated as you make it. The key is finding the right materials and techniques for your specific project.

Aside from preserving the look of wood, stain and varnish can also help to protect it from moisture damage and other environmental factors that can cause the natural material to dry out or warp over time. If you choose to use a stain, there are a number of options available depending on the type of wood and the finish you want. For example, a natural oil finish will create a soft and warm aesthetic while waxes can create a glossy sheen with durable protection.

If you prefer to skip the staining process altogether, using a protective wood wax is an excellent way to keep your furniture’s surface in top condition. Regularly reapplying the wax will help to prevent your piece from drying out, swelling or cracking, while at the same time keeping its surface smooth and beautiful. A favorite choice is the Clear Carnauba Wax from Real Milk Paint Co, which restores sheen and protects your wood furniture with a hard-wearing formula.

Adaptations NY is a Brooklyn staple for anyone who wants to incorporate vintage furniture and decor into their home. The women-owned shop features a diverse selection of unique items, from dressers and mirror frames to piano benches and TV stands, all at an affordable price point.

If modern is more your style, try shopping at Matter. The NYC-based brand is known for sourcing sustainable and locally-made home goods that are designed to last—and even better, it’s the perfect place to start your wedding registry.

For more timeless pieces, shop at Room & Board. The retailer’s Chelsea location features a wide range of modern and classic designs, while its CB2 sister store in the D&D Building uptown is your destination for minimalistic decor and furniture with a clean, contemporary feel.

Fyrn is another great option for modern design with a local twist. The family-owned company works with American hardwoods to offer a wide selection of customizable furniture. You can pick the color, stain or paint of your choice, which is ideal for those who are interested in creating a custom look for their home. The company’s simple design process allows you to be involved in the design of your furniture from the start, so it’s sure to fit perfectly into any space. For more information, check out their website.