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stellar chandelier

Designed in a nod to the mid-century modern lamp posts of yesteryear, the Stellar Chandelier from Matteo Lighting is a worthy addition to any home or office. Featuring a matte black metal base and frosted glass shades, this chandelier will look great on either a drab ceiling or a more polished one. Despite its sleekness, this luminaire needs a professional install to work its magic.

The Stellar Chandelier also features the requisite LED lights which ensure a steady light output without the glare of a traditional bulb. Featuring a five-piece adjustable hanging rod, this modern marvel is as functional as it is stylish. As with all Visual Comfort luminaires, its materials are of the highest quality, meaning that the best parts will last the test of time. Besides, the company’s signature LED technology has a life expectancy of up to ten years.

Its slender metal stems are joined at the top and bottom to create a slender light source. The best part about this chandelier is that it can be mounted in a variety of configurations, including a flush-mount or a semi-flush mount. Amongst the perks are an adjustable ceiling height, adjustable receptacle and switch. Not to mention, it can be hung from a chandelier rod to suit your style. All told, this is a truly unique fixture, and the company’s top-of-the-line product line is only getting better with each passing year. Considering that Visual Comfort also boasts a stellar catalogue of home furnishings, you’re sure to find just the right lighting solutions for your home. Whether you’re after a snazzy new lamp or an all-in-one lighting solution, this company can provide you with just about everything from chandeliers to wall sconces. With the widest selection of LED lighting options, you’re sure to find the perfect fixture for your needs.