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basket lights

There are many different ways to hang basket lights. You can use the paper lantern trend popularized by Isamu Noguchi, or you can purchase a rattan pendant at Ikea or Joss & Main. You can even find handmade wicker pendants on Etsy. Whatever you choose, they’ll make any room look more beautiful and cozy.

Isamu Noguchi’s paper lantern trend

If you’re looking for a decorative style for your home, consider adding an Isamu Noguchi basket light. The Japanese sculptor designed more than 100 of these lanterns during the 1950s. Inspired by traditional Japanese lanterns used in ancestor worship, they are now considered mid-century modern home decor classics. Noguchi was born in the United States but was brought up in Japan, where he met the mayor of the city where lanterns were made.

One of the most influential designers of the 20th century, Isamu Noguchi made a name for himself by creating modernist objects. Whether it was furniture, lighting, or sculptures, his designs were characterized by harmonious balance and lyrical abstraction.

In addition to designing basket-style lighting fixtures, Noguchi’s work inspired many modern styles. He redesigned traditional paper lanterns to use an electric bulb instead of candles. The result was a unique design that reflected the modern art world’s embrace of Japanese minimalism and zen aesthetics.

Ikea’s rattan pendant

Ikea’s rattan pendant basket light is an inexpensive, stylish way to bring texture and light into any room. These lamps can be purchased at Ikea for as little as $10. The only other materials needed are a pair of ceiling hooks and some white acrylic paint. If you are on a tight budget, you can also purchase one for under $8 on Amazon.

Rattan lights come in a range of styles, from the semi-flush to the classic pendant. If you’re looking to add a natural touch to your interior, IKEA has a variety of designs to choose from. Most rattan pendant lights are made of natural materials such as rattan, but Ikea’s range also includes bamboo pendant lights.

Rattan pendant lights come in a variety of interesting patterns and colors. They can be used to add texture to a room, creating a relaxed atmosphere. Alternatively, you can choose black rattan pendant lights for a more modern look. Black rattan stands out because of its contrast, echoing dark gray accents in the decor and providing a counterpoint to warm wood colors.

Joss & Main’s rattan pendant

Rattan pendant lights are a chic and practical way to add some extra ambiance to any room. Made of natural woven rattan, these pendant lights feature an open spiral pattern for a cozy boho look. They can be adjusted for height to fit any space.

The oversized rattan shade allows ample light to filter through. It also adds a contemporary look. A matte black finish allows ample light to pass through and provides a sophisticated look. The light will hang from a small ceiling or over a dining table for an elegant touch.

A rattan pendant can update a dated look. A pendant with a rose gold medal accent will make your dining room or entryway a focal point. If you are looking for a smaller pendant, the Novogratz Drum Pendant is a great option. Alternatively, the VietmadeHomeArt rattan pendant is a stunning piece. It comes in three sizes, and it’s available with or without an interior glass shade. The Swirling Rattan Pendant is another excellent option.