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Black Friday is definitely a crazy shopping festival abroad! Black Friday is coming, and the shopping season for European and American people has begun. Today, I will give you some popular shoe shopping websites, let’s take a look!

01 Flight Club Shoe Stores

Let’s start with the most famous Flight Club, FC can be said to be the largest sneaker platform in the United States.

Its advantage is that the sneakers are quite complete and fidelity. In addition, as a more authoritative sneaker sales platform, the service in the platform is quite perfect. The treasure of this wall, the most authoritative symbol of Flight Club. I hope that all the friends who like shoes will eventually have their own shoe wall!

Flight Club Shoe Stores

02 Stadium Goods

Stadium Goods also debuted as a fashion trading platform and was acquired by luxury e-commerce Farfetch. This operation undoubtedly adds a layer of protection to the platform.

Compared with Flight Club, Stadium Goods is more youthful and energetic. In addition, in daily activities, SG will often invite celebrities from all walks of life to come to the store to participate in the shooting. They will attract popularity for themselves and absolutely attract fans.

Stadium Goods

03 Sole stage

In the United States, the most popular Rapper and NBA stars are his frequent guests, including DJ KHALED, Lonzo Ball, Offset, etc. There are even rumors that “there are no shoes that the founder of SOLESTAGE can’t buy”.

This store has a warehouse with tens of thousands of pairs in stock. The entire wall of giant sneakers is dazzling. There are a lot of limited editions, co-branded models‚Ķ and even Kobe’s autographed sneakers!

 Sole stage

04 Project Blitz

The founder of this shoe store, Andre Ljustina, is a world-renowned sneaker veteran and a world-renowned shoe nerd. His sneaker collection is worth more than three million dollars, such as Beyonce and Jay-Z sneakers, Drake, Travis Scott, AJ McLean, Backstreet Boys sneakers, Jordan’s AJ in the movie “Monster Raiders”.

These shoes are all hot goods in the hands of Ljustina. In April, he sold a pair of Nike Air Yeezy 1 samples worn by Kanye West (Ye) for $1.8 million. This may be the ceiling of sneaker collectors across America…

The above-mentioned sneaker stores have no discounts throughout the year, and everyone laughed and said: “they got that buy one, get the other full price anyways deal”.

Project Blitz

Despite this, the shops are still crowded, and it is difficult to find a shoe. Everyone worships them as a sneaker museum. If you see your favorite shoes in the store, you must start quickly and accurately, otherwise the shoes will be taken away!

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